Sexual Assault is the Latest Witch Hunt in America’s History: Guilt By Accusation and Public Shaming is the New Norm, and It’s Wrong


History of  Witch Hunts in America, located at the Salem Witch Museum, Massachusetts

Society has a tendency to respond in a crisis oriented fashion to a moral panic. After “The Invisible War” gaslighted America, all women soldiers were victims and all male soldiers were predators. This has been a repeated cycle after every sexual assault scandal. The media narratives reflect this and continue to perpetuate the myths typically choosing a blonde white female as the ‘victim’. But that’s not how it works in real life and male victims of crime in the military set both the filmmakers and the media straight. The momentum died off so they created another film about college sexual assault and tried again creating a female versus male division. No one really knows the statistics at the college campuses but in the military, the majority of victims of sexual assault and homicide are men. We care about the men just as much as we care about the women. We care about facts and evidence and have learned that the devil is in the details.

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In this video, a former D.A. (now criminal defense lawyer) explains the law of rape, penalties and sentencing, and common legal strategies to fight the case. Each year, countless innocent people get wrongfully arrested for rape and sexual assault. Sometimes there was a genuine misunderstanding between the accuser and the accused as to the issue of consent. Other times, the alleged victim makes up false allegations out of anger, jealousy or spite towards the accused. A conviction for Penal Code 261 can bring years, sometimes life in prison. It’s important in these situations to have an attorney and defense investigator who can scrutinize the background of the accuser and expose a fabricated story for what it it.


Rape Culture Cycle

Only the truth will save us: Society fails when victims of sexual assault are stigmatized

Another story about rape and football.

Two girls say they’re raped in small town Missouri. Felony charges are leveled against a high school football player, then dropped. Under what influence? One juvenile offender is convicted on a lesser charge. The social media bullying begins. Local authorities shrug as the victim is run out of town. Or attempts suicide. Months later, the whole rotten story appears in the Kansas City Star, and under even greater political pressure those authorities are forced to consider taking the matter up again. Sound familiar?

As it is in Annapolis, where two football players face court-martial. As it is in Nashville, where a football player pleads guilty to covering up the gang rape allegedly committed by his teammates. As it is in Steubenville, where two football players commit rape and the community harasses the victims. So it is in Maryville. Is football culture rape culture?

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