Fear Thy Neighbor Premiered ‘Kill-De-Sac’ on Investigation Discovery: Robert Lorenz Shoots Duren Eldridge, Claims Self-Defense, Acquitted of Murder (June 1, 2015)

ID Go: When a freewheeling family moves from California to the buttoned down enclave of Leesburg, Virginia, they quickly get on the wrong side of their neighbour across the way. The conflict escalates until bullets fly and blood flows in the street. -Kill-De-Sac, Fear Thy Neighbor (S2, E8)

Date: April 9, 1995
Victim: Duren Eldridge, 31, truck driver
Offender: Robert ‘Bob’ Lorenz, 54, military veteran, federal employee
Location: Leesburg, Virginia
Circumstances: Annoyed with dog peeing on his lawn, Duren’s car rolled into his car and hit it causing minor damage, kids on skateboards were too loud, Bob called police & complained about neighbors multiple times, Bob yelled at the kids at Duren’s house, during confrontation at Bob’s front door, Bob shot Duren with handgun and Duren died
Disposition: Lorenz claimed self-defense, justified shooting, acquitted of murder

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9 thoughts on “Fear Thy Neighbor Premiered ‘Kill-De-Sac’ on Investigation Discovery: Robert Lorenz Shoots Duren Eldridge, Claims Self-Defense, Acquitted of Murder (June 1, 2015)

  1. This one really got to me. Especially with how hard it is to find good step dads today and this amazing one lost his life standing ground for a safe place for the kids? This is one of those things where you HAVE to just allow God to take care of each person whom had a hand in this tragedy including the jury. Makes me SICK. May God have Mercy on your souls… All of you.

  2. As a veteran myself, I find it funny that Bob couldn’t fight, but quickly pulled out a gun to kill this man. Really tough aren’t you? MURDERER!

    • You do realize the man had a severe brain aneurysm 9 years prior to that correct? So one good blow to his head from a drunk dude would have cost him his life right? He wasn’t in the best of shape to fight my friend I say that becuase im his grandson… His young military days were over by that point and he was basically handicapped bro. Im not asking for sympathy for my grandfather but he wasn’t going to be able to fight a 31 year old man at the shape he was in. So it was one dieing from being beat to death or one dieing by the gun.. He was told to leave and didnt yet stepped in my paps house threatening his wife? Yeah lets see what you do in that situation.

      • Your grandfather had a brain aneurysm and couldn’t fight? I’d like to know how he kept his FEMA job to render help to victims. He could have injured his head doing his FEMA job? Shows he had no concern for life. He could have shut his security door and called the police. He definitely has a mental problem and he is a coward. This not only traumatized the young kids seeing Duren stumbling across the street and dropping dead on his front porch, it affected his entire family and friends. Duren was a gentle person. Sadly he chose to drink that day and he paid the ultimate price with his life. Hope your grandfather meets the devil and is taken below to burn in hell because that’s exactly where he belongs. GOD has a commandment “Thou shall NOT KILL”. Your grandfather broke the law, took another human beings life and he’s trying to play the “victim”. Rot in hell Robert G. Lorenz because you are the Devil’s spawn for sure! No sympathy for your evil grandfather. I lost my nephew and I don’t get to see him grow old because of an irresponsible gun toting moron. Think about it. Close the door. It was premeditated murder! Your grandfather intimidated his neighbors.

  3. Bob is/was and ALWAYS will be a a self-entitled MURDERER even in death. Obviously, the court’s ridiculous allowance of bail to this man is an example of “privilege” to the white collar society over blue collar families. Having money to hire a skilled, manipulative attorney does not constitute innocence…It only lends to the theory of privilege amongst a portion of society that literally “Gets away with Murder and more”.

    My heart goes out to victims families of this type of moral, physical and emotionally traumatic crimes.

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