3 thoughts on “Fort Bliss Army Commander Lynn Reister Found Murdered in Texas Home; Enlisted Army Spouse Roger Reister & Brother Sentenced to Life (May 24, 2001)

  1. Hello from Germany! Just read your article. You write that Roger and Lynn both met in club IN Oxbar, Germany. It seems to me that you mean OXBAR is a town in Germany but it isn´t. OXBAR must be the name of that club, but not the name of the city. I really would be interested in the name of the town. Just watched “Shadow of Doubt” on German TLC so that´s what brought me here.

  2. I know exactly the home where she was murdered it is nothing like the house they used on the video nor the neighborhood El Paso isn’t that green and breaks my heart every time i pass through there where the actual home is and to know how she was murdered Dear lord they deserved death I hope and pray that the husband and his loser brother rot in hell for eternity!

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