1 thought on “Air Force Capt. Frank Theer Murdered by Unidentified Gunman; Wife Michelle & Army SSG John Diamond Sentenced to Life in Prison (December 17, 2000)

  1. This is showing on Oxygen Channel as I’m typing this. Michelle Theer could have divorced Marty Theer and walked away, but she chose not to, conspired with John Diamond to kill Marty, and went on the run to avoid being held accountable for committing this heinous, unnecessary murder. I’m glad law enforcement stay on the case, found her, prosecuted her, and that she was finally convicted for the role she played in her husband’s death. He kept trying to stay in the marriage by attending counseling sessions with her, but I wish he’d walked away. Staying cost him his life. I read Marty’s bio, and he seems to have been a nice guy from a loving family who just so happened to fall in love and marry the wrong person. How sad to lose one’s life at 31-years-of age.

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