Brig Gen Thomas Tinsley, USAF (2008)

Thomas Tinsley, USAF

Honoring Brig Gen Thomas Tinsley, USAF, who died July 27, 2008. He was serving as a Wing Commander at Elmendorf AFB in Alaska when he was found dead with a gunshot wound to his chest. He was a fighter pilot and flew the F-15, F/A-18 and F-22A. His unexpected death was ruled a suicide by military officials. The circumstances surrounding his death are being questioned by others including his family. His family deserves answers and that is why he is listed under cold cases.

Air Force officer in Alaska dies in likely suicide
Air Force Officer Dead; Likely a Suicide
General’s death in July ruled a suicide
Elmendorf wing CO dies of gunshot wound
Elmendorf general dies of gunshot on base
Brig. Gen. Tinsley, 3rd Wing commander at Elmendorf, dies of gunshot wound
Ex-Raptor commander at Langley dies in Alaska
Elmendorf mourns fallen commander
F-22 Safety Concerns Linger
General’s wife: ‘Raptor Cough’ contributed to husband’s suicide
New Questions Raised in 2008 Suicide of Air Force General Who Was F-22 Pilot, Commander at Alaska Air Base
Don’t Look for Many Details on Apparent “Suicide” of Gen. Tinsley from Here on Out

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