Navy Petty Officer Quincy Brown Murdered by Military Spouse Eddie Makdessi; Makdessi Motivated to Kill by Wife Elise Makdessi’s $700,000 Life Insurance Policy (May 14, 1996)

Quincy Brown

P.O. Quincy Brown, U.S. Navy

Honoring Navy Petty Officer Quincy Brown who died on May 14, 1996 in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Petty Officer Brown and Petty Officer Elise Makdessi were murdered by Elise’s husband Eddie Makdessi in the Makdessi home. Quincy Brown was lured to the residence under false pretenses, not aware that he was part of a plot that ended with murder. Eddie shot Quincy Brown and then stabbed Elise Makdessi. He told the police that Quincy Brown broke into his home, knocked him out, raped and murdered Elise, and when he awoke he shot the intruder. Forensic science proved that Eddie’s version of events were not supported by the evidence. Investigators concluded that Eddie was most likely motivated to kill by his wife’s $700,000 life insurance policy he had purchased a month earlier. Eddie Makdessi was indicted in 2001 but wouldn’t go to trial for his crimes until 2006 as he fled the country with his life insurance money. Unfortunately, the United States didn’t have an extradition treaty with Russia. After Eddie Makdessi finally returned to the US, he was charged with two counts of first degree murder, found guilty, and sentenced to life in prison. He continues to deny that he committed the crimes.

Investigation Discovery:

Paramedics respond to a horrific crime scene – a woman is found tied to a bed with slashes across her body. Next to her on the floor, a man with three gunshot wounds. Detectives spend the next several years unraveling this bizarre mystery. -Last Man Standing, Solved (S2,E10)

When a Naval Officer is apparently raped and stabbed by a coworker, a mysterious VHS tape suggests the victim may have been silenced to prevent a scandal. Dogged investigation and cutting edge forensic science reveals a shocking murder plot. -Deadly Accusations, Unusual Suspects (S7,E4)

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