Norman Early III Lured to Married Lover’s Home to “Pay Him a Lesson”; Three Former Marines Sentenced in the California Robbery & Beating Case (2015)


“I knew what my fate was. I was going to be murdered.” -Norman Early III

On the morning of September 20, 2015, Diana Reyes lured Norman Early III into her home so her husband and his friends could “pay him a lesson” for an alleged affair Early had with Reyes while her husband was deployed overseas with the US Marine Corps. Early claims that he thought she was separated and getting a divorce. He even stated that he loved her and although they were involved romantically, he never slept with her. Reyes on the other hand sat in a room in the house and listened to him being beat by her husband and his Marine buddies. Norman Early sustained an orbital fracture, his eye was bruised and swollen shut, and he had numerous contusions to his head and body. Marines Sergio Medina, Rodrigo Sanchez, and Leonardo Ortiz were initially charged with several felonies, including attempted murder, kidnapping, and torture. The attempted murder and kidnapping charges were dismissed during the preliminary hearing. Their lawyers accepted a plea deal for first-degree robbery. Lance Cpl. Sergio Medina was sentenced to 6 years in prison. Lance Cpl. Rodrigo Sanchez and Lance Cpl. Leonardo Ortiz were sentenced to 3 years in prison. Military officials said all three were discharged from the Marine Corps.

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2 thoughts on “Norman Early III Lured to Married Lover’s Home to “Pay Him a Lesson”; Three Former Marines Sentenced in the California Robbery & Beating Case (2015)


    Im glad to know the truth, I glad I broke up with him the day the truth surfaced, he continued to lie to me all this time and to the court under oath he was living with me during this whole time. compulsive lier I cant believe him, these men did nothing wrong he did for not having respect towards anyone . I have all our pics on my social media until 8/24/16. He lied to me about everything and was dishonest, the court only got to hear whatever side benefited him because he is great at manipulating. I regret meeting such a person like this and allowing him to get close to my son, I cant believe I wasted so much time on you

    I am the Normans ex girlfriend whom got basically kicked out, before this court day, Its embarrassing to say that I believed his stories regarding this incident but I gave him the benefit of doubt as always. he lived with me at the time of this incident and continued to lie not only in the hospital when I saw him but also for a whole fucking year. he is a compulsive manipulative liar and I’m sorry but his father raised a sorry ass excuse of a man, you’re a coward for not being at least honest from the start, how did could of that hurt you? I went from being 125 to dropping down to 98 pounds and lost hair, you saw me and still continued to lie to my face, why?! I cant believe I allowed you to come into my life and my sons life and you had the nerve to be in a relationship with me since 2014 play step dad to my son, have me wrapped around your finger knowing I was TRULY YOURS! This is such a lie you cheated on me and recently got a break out and lied to me about the fact that it wasn’t because you cheated. I cant believe the truth resurfacing if the facts were wrong why didn’t you deny it in court why didn’t you correct them that you were not having an affair, if you were not lying then why did you continue to hide this process from me, why did you continue to lie, bullshit me and promise fake promises!? If you wanted to cheat you could of just left from the beginning and not of wasted my time, all this time. I dont understand what the fuck happened but I just wanted you to be honest and if you wanted to leave you could of, you didn’t have to put my son and I through this and recently leaving us homeless, you mind fucked me and putting all the pieces together everything makes sense now. I just wanted you to be real with me how hard was it for you, to be honorable and respect me even behind closed doors. I don’t understand your hypocrisy. Norman early could go and commit any crime and get away with it by being a great liar, manipulative and amazing at playing the victim, and his family will do anything to make everyone feel pity for him and have him look like the martyr even if he is the one provoking others to react to his abnormal amount of fuckery. You persisted? How do you have honor how are you going to be in the service if you lack simple respect, morals and honor? How can you still persist someone after they’ve told you to fuck off, and to top it off you are still in a relationship with me bullshitting and lying making up a completely different statement, what they did wasn’t right it destroyed me seeing you that way but I cant say that you didn’t deserve it because if in your house they’re not going to teach you that sleeping with another mans wife is completely disrespectful then guess what Life is going to teach you those lessons. you have the nerve to act like a martyr.
    I know how far you’ll go to fuck with people and how great of an actor you are, you got close to my vulnerabilities and I’m still trying to understand why .It killed me to see you that way and everyone saw my reaction to seeing you in the hospital and you still lied, I can never hate you, I loved you unconditionally and you know it, its not in me to hurt those I say I love. I prayed to the lord to reveal what your truth was and he did. May he forgive me… honestly
    your disgusting and I am so repulsed by you. everything about you is a lie, and you lied about your verruca. You want to talk about honor so much you left me and my son homeless after promising me some bullshit and moving in with you was the biggest mistake, behind closed doors the mask comes off and I regret ever meeting such a person like you fuck the fact you cheated everyone does, I was willing to forgive you as long as you changed and kept your word the word of the man I thought you were, but after living with you , contemplating and seeing the outcome, I’ve lost all respect for you and can see your true form and realize how much I lost myself being with someone so toxic. All I wanted was for you to match my loyalty, honest and love that is all. You stated when I first meet you that every girl cheated and used you and we both know one reason but now I see the other reason. I should of left a long time ago instead of trying to see the good within the illusion you gave. I wish you well but I can never see you as nothing more than a disrespectful lying coward.

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