US Army SealTestimony concludes in Wallin-Reed murder trial

During the July 3, 2011, interview, Gregory Chad Wallin-Reed told sheriff’s detectives he chased six Susanville men and fired a handgun and AR-15 assault weapon at their fleeing car. He said he began shooting after someone in the car fired three shots at him. Three of the men in the car were wounded in the July 2, 2011, shooting near Antelope Lake. The car’s driver, 20-year-old Rory McGuire, died two days later from a gunshot wound to the head.

They heard Wallin-Reed tell Elliott and Detective Sgt. Steve Peay that he was a former Army Ranger whose instincts and training kicked in once he started taking gunfire. He told them he was “in the zone.” “That’s what the military trains you to do, is to (expletive), you know, react,” Wallin-Reed said. “They train you to do that (expletive), react on foot, react on (expletive) cars. … Those kids didn’t have a (expletive) chance.” Wallin-Reed was never an Army Ranger, according to his military records. He did receive extensive combat training, but never faced combat during his three years in the Army.

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