Ating Eminue, US Army (2015)

Sgt. Ating Eminue

Honoring Sgt Ating Eminue, US Army, who was shot and killed outside a homeless shelter in Atlanta, Georgia on August 30, 2015. Harold Dodson was arrested and charged October 23rd in connection with the fatal shooting of the Georgia Army National Guardsman. A judge denied bond for Dodson in November 2015. Dodson had a history of crimes and made a living dealing drugs. He had five felony convictions before the age of 21. He will remain in jail while he awaits trial. Atlanta police have asked that individuals who may have further information about the incident contact them via Crime Stoppers Greater Atlanta.

Guardsman shot, killed outside Atlanta homeless shelter
Active duty sergeant killed while trying to help homeless
Active Duty Soldier Killed Near Midtown Homeless Shelter
Man shot outside Atlanta club identified, no arrests made
Guardsman shot, killed outside Atlanta homeless shelter
Harold Bernard Dodson | Crime Stoppers Greater Atlanta
Arrest made in Pine Street murder of Guardsman
Arrest made in murder of Army sergeant who was helping homeless shelter
Police arrest Harold Dodson in murder of Army sergeant helping homeless shelter
Man held in Georgia Army National Guardsman’s slaying
Father has message for son’s accused killer
Judge denies bond for accused killer of Army sergeant
Ating Eminue (1991-2015) Forever Missed

2 thoughts on “Ating Eminue, US Army (2015)

  1. I just saw the story on 48 hours and was looking to find out if the killer had gone to trial. Its so disheartening to hear of these acts, especially on a young man who has done so much for this country and had a whole life ahead. May he rest in peace.

    • I also saw it on first 48 and googled to find an update. This happened in late 2015 and it seems the murderer hasn’t gone to trial. Hmm…

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