Where are the loopholes in the Military Justice system?

1. Recruiters hold positions of trust & authority and are usually working independently of others. They have the unique ability to use their position to control a new, young, recruit who may be naive to how predators operate. Rule #1: They should never be alone with any new recruit, ever. These are the kind of positions that are attracting rapists because they have easy prey. Need strict guidelines where this is concerned considering how much they have taken advantage of the autonomy given to them. Not all recruiters are rapist but you will find that a rapist will flock to a position like this because of the autonomy and lack of oversight in general.

What do you do if your military recruiter sexually assaults you?

Are you going to report and risk losing a career that never started or report this person?

If you have not yet joined the military, who cares for you since it didn’t occur on Active Duty?

Wouldn’t it make more sense to report to civilian authorities? Where does Commander fit it?

What happens to your career if you report that your recruiter raped you? Is it delayed?

How do you prove it wasn’t consensual if DNA can prove that contact was made?

How do we overcome the ‘he said, she said’ MO that normally occurs as a result of sexual assault?

Air Force: Air National Guard Recruiter Rapes New Recruit

Army: Sexual Abuse by Military Recruiters

Marines: Marine Recruiter Accused of Assaulting 2 Recruits

2. Basic Training Instructors/Drill Sergeants

Scenario: Attacked at 19 by an Air Force Trainer, and Speaking Out

Scenario: Retired APG general: The players change, the ‘GAM’ remains the same

Scenario: Army PFC Details Sexual Assualt by Drill Sergeant During Basic Training

3. Technical School/AIT Instructors

Scenario: Sexual Assault at Keesler Air Force Base

4. Peers

Scenario: Kelso High grad takes on Air Force after daughter reports rapes

5. Supervisors

6. Commanders/Generals

USMC: After sex assaults inside military, women are victims again of legal system

National Guard: Alleged Cover Up of Sexual Harassment Sinks Vermont General’s Career

7. Chaplains

Scenario: Army chaplain convicted in Internet sex case

8. Sexual Assault Response Coordinators/Personnel

9. Office of Special Investigations, Criminal Investigation Division, etc.

Scenario: Spies, Lies, and Rape in the Air Force: An Undercover Agent’s Story

10. Medical Personnel

11. Military Prosecutors

Scenario: Marine sex-assault prosecutor accused of touching woman inappropriately

12. Service Academies (Future Commanders/Generals)

Navy: Sexual assault reports double at the Naval Academy

All Academies: Reported sex assaults leap 23 percent at US military academies

To be continued…

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