Indiana airman accused of murdering son, dumping body on side of the road


An Indiana man was taken into custody in North Carolina Wednesday, accused of killing his 15-month old son.

Matthew Theurer of Portland, Ind.,  was arrested after the body of his baby was discovered in a bag on the side of a highway about 100 miles away from Seymour Johnson Air Force Base. Theurer is a senior airman at the base.

He is charged with voluntary manslaughter, negligent homicide and murder.

“He was just very quiet. Very just.. kind of awkward,” said Katy, an Air Force wife living at the same base.  She did not want her full name used.

She said she knew Theurer and his family through spending time with them on the base. She recalled Theurer and his estranged wife, Amy, had a rocky marriage and were separated. His wife had moved on, had gotten engaged and was pregnant. She said his wife returned to Indiana and left…

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