‘Combat Paper’ exhibit showcases veterans’ art as expressive outlet

‘Combat Paper’ exhibit showcases veterans’ art as expressive outlet

After a decade marked by two prolonged wars in Afghanistan and Iraq involving thousands of U.S. Armed Forces members, mental health issues among veterans have become an increasing problem — even though this topic is rarely at the forefront of public conversation. When returning from service, military veterans can experience a host of mental health issues, including survivor’s guilt or Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), which seriously impact their ability to reintegrate into society. The scope of this issue is evident in veteran suicide rates, which a 2012 report from the Department of Veterans Affairs estimated to be around 22 veterans a day in 2010. While there are a variety of therapies that have been utilized to help remedy these issues, the Tufts chapter of Alliance Linking Leaders in Education and the Services (ALLIES) has partnered with the Tufts Art Gallery to display a somewhat unconventional therapy: artwork.

Read more: http://www.tuftsdaily.com/arts/combat-paper-exhibit-showcases-veterans-art-as-expressive-outlet-1.2836188#.Umh–SLD_mI

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