The Plan by Boone Cutler

The Plan

The plan is simple and it’s what you’ve already been trained to do so make it happen and stay focused.

Three elements: Security, Assault and Support.

Security element:

Media and it must be first.

We need Warfighters to saturate all media outlets and become key communicators to protect ourselves against the public media war they launch at us. Promote our Community first and always.

Support element:

Business and Education.

Warfighters in business need to actively seek to mentor and support others on the way up. A Warfighter should give a fellow Warfighter hiring preference. A large Warfighter owned business class will employ, promote and finance Warfighter causes from government to charity organizations. In Education we need Warfighters to teach all ages from preschool to the university. Thus, creating a strong voting block like never before in America.

Assault element:

Elected Offices and Law Enforcement.

Warfighters should be seeking appointed and elected positions from the lowest to the highest in the land. We need judges, politicians, law enforcement officers and any entity that represents the people to be Warfighters. Get involved as much as you can and as go as far as you can. Your local PTA is also great start.

Of course we won’t all agree on everything so keep it simple. My focus has been to expose corruption, promote liberty / self reliance and finally promote and protect Warfighters by making a rally point to educate ourselves while allowing America to witness it.

Let them learn by watching our unity, integrity and pragmatism.

Warfighters who no longer live in the light of the Warrior Ethos should be banished from the Community so they don’t dilute our purity. Banish them with no remorse, they are poison. Civilians that support us may do so but they should not be in leadership positions. They simply don’t meet the prerequisite. Do not openly disrespect civilians; ever, instead give them a full measure of neglect when they deserve disrespect. Don’t even acknowledge their presence.

Be kind to Warfighters discharged under other than honorable conditions; many were railroaded because of medical reasons and have been separated from the military without the benefits they should have. Also, do not shun without cause those that have been incarcerated; be forgiving first and find out the real story because we are very discriminated against. Keep them close and unite with them; so long as they live in the light of the Warrior Ethos.

Caregivers are a blessing so appreciate them. Remember that they need training and appreciation more than counseling. Teach them willingly. To the caregiver, you are a welcomed guest of the Community and you can respect the honor of our ways by continually understanding us that are “Evolved and Unbroken”. I respect the Caregiver Community of Warfighters.

Detach yourselves from Social Media. It’s a tool; nothing else. Use it and all other tools the way they use it. Make it work for you; don’t live for it. Start a Warfighter Community League in your area and band together even if you only start with two’s. Battle buddies become teams, teams become squads, squads become platoons, platoons become companies, companies become battalions, battalions become brigades and so on until we are what we need to become.

Maintain your honor in the light if day and in the shadows that are ever present. Be loyal to each other as if your life depends on it. There is never a need to lie to a fellow Warfighter, whatever the truth is, deal with it and work through it. Civilians lie; they need us to show them a better way and it is our responsibility to lead by example.

Discipline your thoughts and be noble. Remove negative thoughts and people from your life, do it without remorse. Lead by example and forgive yourselves daily. We are duty-bound to never leave a fallen comrade. We are the Descendants of Sparta.

Lastly, I’ve come to realize that suicide is not an honorable death. Don’t do it. Instead, create a life worth living. Warfighters with a mission and a battle buddy don’t commit suicide. That is your key. Make it happen and live without remorse.

Seize power of everything by not assimilating to a failed culture but instead maintain your battle-mind and make winning through honor a religion. Winning honorably will take the mindset of the majority so only collaborate with those who have earned trust and don’t have divided loyalties. Every Warfighter is a family member but vet them before sharing any operational information, and avoid sabotage.

What are you going to do? What part of the mission are you going to take charge of? Do all you can for as long as possible and nobody can demand more. The problem with most people is lack of commitment; good thing we don’t have that problem.

All the way, Boone
Written: February 2013

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