VA considers adding Female Sexual Arousal Disorder to disability rating list

Veterans AffairsThe VA has responded to Congresswoman Chellie Pingree’s request for the agency to reviews its policies on Female Sexual Arousal Disorder.

Congresswoman Pingree urged VA to create equity in the VA ratings system. Currently, male veterans can be service connected for ED, however no similar code exists for female veterans who suffer from Female Sexual Arousal Disorder. Veterans can suffer from ED or FSAD from various injuries, such as MST, or side effects of certain medications.

VA confirmed to Rep Pingree’s office that they are drafting a regulation to add FSAD to the VASRD (Veterans Affairs Schedule of Rating Disabilities). Once the draft is complete, (which VA began drafting in July), VA will submit to the Federal Register, respond to public comments, make necessary revisions and then incorporate into the VASRD. This will bring equity into the VA disability system for many female veterans.

Pingree letter to Gen. Hickey (10/18/13 01:52 PM PST)

Gen. Hickey response, re: fsad (10/18/13 01:51 PM PST)


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