HOW WE WIN by Boone Cutler

HOW WE WIN by Boone Cutler

Dems pushed it at “all costs” now R’s are pushing to stop it at “all costs” …. These fuckers gotta go and America needs to turn off Honey BooBoo and pay-the-fuck-attention to voting. Schools need to teach more about history and civics again; don’t discount that role models need to be real people again.

Warfighters are role models and are real people; so, fuck all that video game shit; we are so much better that the video bytes created to entertain the pussified masses.

As I see it, America is about to get bitch slapped and Warfighters are going to square this shit away. No Rambo hype either just sensible actions taken by people that live with the intentions of creating good and not simply consuming goods.

This is the only option and we’d better be damn-smart about it too. People don’t have what it takes to endure some “forefathers” type of revolution so; shelf that idea now.

If you try; the people around you would skin you up before the government ever gets a chance.

How I see it:

Govern first by realizing that if self-reliance is freedom; then charity is divine and a tax is a tax. A rose can be given another name more easily than a new tax can; so, commit to abolishing Party rhetoric to pass laws and instead be pragmatic with our actions. And vote; above all, vote and do it as if death were the alternative. Voting must matter and the process of voting must be legitimate.

All the way, Boone
Written: October 15, 2013

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